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Haven't posted in a couple months.

Am I still alive? Why yes, that is, unless I'm just someone who hacked into Tamara's journal. Muahahaha!

What's happened in my life that you might want to know about...let's see.

Around Decemeber, someone whom I'd loved from a distance for a long time finally decided to notice me as something more than just a friend. In mid-April, Morgan decided he would go home to his family in Missouri, and let me have my shot at happiness with this girl. And, we had some happiness, she and I...but turns out that being the rebound girl doesn't earn you anyone's love, not the kind I need.

So, at the end of May, Morgan decided to come home. Things are just about back to where we feel normal about everything, though I know that there will always be some trust issues on his part. Which I get, as I'm the one that put them there.

Arwen graduated kindergarten, and starts the first grade this year. She's super excited, and is such a different child than what I had pictured her to be when she was only three, and not talking, and having so much difficulty with things. She's a joy, and she's so smart. :D

Devon can't wait till he starts "chool" like his big sister, and is having a blast playing with Kyrie all the time, now that she's big enough to run around and do some of the things he likes to do. He's adorable, and he's my little man.

Kyrie is talking in sentences, and we're working on potty training. She still call's everyone a towel, and we took away her binkie about a month ago, which I think has helped her talking develope at the rate it has in the last two weeks. Hard for her to pronounce anything with a pacifier in her mouth all the time. :D

I stepped down from my managment position at the place I work. Too much stress, and with all the things going on in my home life, I just didn't want to put what energy I had into a job, when people I care about needed me to be putting that energy to home.

Things are good now. Minus my sunburn from the beach yesterday. Just crazy how time changes things, ya know?


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Aug. 17th, 2009 12:45 am (UTC)
I don't remember if I knew that you stepped down from being a manager. It was good to hear an update on everything! *hugs*
Jan. 10th, 2011 08:06 pm (UTC)
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