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Haven't posted in a couple months.

Am I still alive? Why yes, that is, unless I'm just someone who hacked into Tamara's journal. Muahahaha!

What's happened in my life that you might want to know about...let's see.

Around Decemeber, someone whom I'd loved from a distance for a long time finally decided to notice me as something more than just a friend. In mid-April, Morgan decided he would go home to his family in Missouri, and let me have my shot at happiness with this girl. And, we had some happiness, she and I...but turns out that being the rebound girl doesn't earn you anyone's love, not the kind I need.

So, at the end of May, Morgan decided to come home. Things are just about back to where we feel normal about everything, though I know that there will always be some trust issues on his part. Which I get, as I'm the one that put them there.

Arwen graduated kindergarten, and starts the first grade this year. She's super excited, and is such a different child than what I had pictured her to be when she was only three, and not talking, and having so much difficulty with things. She's a joy, and she's so smart. :D

Devon can't wait till he starts "chool" like his big sister, and is having a blast playing with Kyrie all the time, now that she's big enough to run around and do some of the things he likes to do. He's adorable, and he's my little man.

Kyrie is talking in sentences, and we're working on potty training. She still call's everyone a towel, and we took away her binkie about a month ago, which I think has helped her talking develope at the rate it has in the last two weeks. Hard for her to pronounce anything with a pacifier in her mouth all the time. :D

I stepped down from my managment position at the place I work. Too much stress, and with all the things going on in my home life, I just didn't want to put what energy I had into a job, when people I care about needed me to be putting that energy to home.

Things are good now. Minus my sunburn from the beach yesterday. Just crazy how time changes things, ya know?


I edited my layout to Christmas colors! And, I made my own header...nothing fancy or anything. Just simple shades of reds an greens.

But I like it! ♥

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User Pic Editing

I just wanted to let everyone know that I went through and removed some of my userpics that I don't really use all that often, or that I didn't think described me or any of my moods. I do still have them all saved on my computer, though, if I decide to use them again!

Also, I want to thank anyone who has ever made a graphic or icon for me. I appreciate all your hard work and effot! Thanks so much!

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Two cold days of weather, and my wrists aren't hurting so bad. I hear that it's suppsed to get warm again (in the fifties) this afternoon, so I figured I'd update before yet another temperature fluctuation.

I've been really missing playing EQ2, and writing for Thresholds. It's kind of gotten me depressed, that I can't be as active in my online things as I want to be. I miss the social interaction, and the creative outlet both allow me. *sighs*

I have the wrist braces, of course, but anymore, my elbows cause my wrists to ache just from sitting on the arm rests of my chair. And, if I hold my elbows at my sides, instead of putting them on the rests, my hands start to fall asleep. Bothersome, really. I am trying to find a way to pad the arm rests of my chair, so hopefully that won't be a problem after my next payday.

There was an article I read in one of those home remedies magazines that said massaging (actually, the word they used was "plucking") your forearm muscle would help with the type of discomfort I have. So, there I was at the nurses station, plucking at my arm like I would a guitar string. The article said I would know if I was doing it right, if my ring finger twitched. It started twitching, and for a few minutes, my wrist really -did- feel better. About ten minutes later, though, my last three fingers went numb, and there was this excrutiating burning sensation from my inner elbow to the base of my thumb. So, uh, yeah. Won't be doing that again.

I have been doing a lot of reading in my spare time, though, since I don't like to sit on the couch and watch TV all day. I managed to make it through the entire left behind series, and am eager to start on the Chronicals of Narnia. Morgan want's me to finish reading him Eragon, though, so I guess that's what I'll be into for the next few weeks.

Also, I've been cooking every day. Just one meal, but it's made with love. Morgan's been keeping up with the dishes (Morgan Quote: "It's not so hard, once we got soap for the dishwasher." Uh, the silly thing's been sitting in the kitchen since we moved here, dude. But okay. I'm just glad he's doing them now. *smiles*), so I can cook whatver I want, every day. Yay! I love to cook.

Sometimes, I even just sit, browsing through recipie books, looking at all the neat things I could mix up in my kitchen. *nods* Oh, the deliciousness to be found in Betty Crocker's Easy Meals, or Better Homes and Garden's Award Winning Recipies. *tummy growls*

Anyway, there you go. A genuine update. Now to go see if there's any leftover chilli from yesterday, since I've gotten my tummy all hungry! *waves*

Funny Stuff

I saw the funniest thing today.

I was dropping off a friend from work (we had to stay over and watch this supremely boring movie regarding our employee handbooks) and we were stopped at...well, a stop light.

I look over, and I see something on the gas tank door to the neighboring cars tank.

Do you want to know what it was?

I picture of a gas can, in a box. All drawn out, and stuff.

I busted up laughing, and so did she (she is called Heather, btw).

I mean, if people have to draw pictures of gas on their gas tank...should they even be driving?

The end. *grins*

Friends ONLY

Hi.  I&apos;m a friends only banner.  Duh!

I've decided to make this journal friends only. A lot of reasons, but none I care to go into in a public post, hence making it friends only. *smiles* If you want to know anything more than this, look in my info.

Comment here if you would like to be added, along with a note as to how you happened across my journal (just 'cause I'm the curious type). Wanna ask me a question to see if you'd enjoy reading my journal? Go ahead. I'll answer.

Oh, and no stealing my friends only banner! Punks! =p

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